Rock Your Pearls

January 20, 2021 is a day that will go down in history. We are about to watch the first women, first African American Women be sworn in as The Vice President of United States of America. Let us take a moment to understand what that means. Yes, yes, and yes I am here for all of that. I woke up this morning with a different kind of fire. A burning desire to let you know that I am proud of you sis. I love you sis. Keep pushing, you got this sis. You, we did this. We march, ran, skipped to the polls and made sure our voice was heard. Actually we screamed it with an exclamation point that we will not be silent or ignored. As our sons and daughters continue to die unjustly. In the midst of a pandemic that claimed the lives of our mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents and so many others. We made sure you heard us. We made sure you will now see us.

Millions of us will wear pearls today to watch Kamala Harris make history. I am so excited that I will be joining in this call to show support for our first African American Women Vice President Kamala Harris.

So. sis today is your day Rock your Pearls!!!!

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Staying In

Hey beautiful people, how are y’all doing? We have been inside for seven days thus far, and it does not seem to be getting any better. What are you doing to pass the time? That is after work and after homeschooling your kids. What Netflix show have you been binge-watching? I have watched so many shows in the last week, that if you ask me the titles I can’t remember them.

In September I made the decision to return to school. I applied to Laguardia Community College as a returning student. The last time I had attended Laguardia was in 1988. To say the school had changed would be putting it mildly. I was excited!!  I adapt to the change and completed two sessions. Week two of the third session we were informed due to the coronavirus CUNY would switch to distance learning.

Ok, I was not ready for that. I was just getting used to sitting in a classroom and now that is over. The reality is scary and it has nothing to do with the coronavirus. It has everything to with knowing my ability to concentrate in the midst of all the distractions. It seems as if you can find something else do to that is not school-related. Lol!! my struggle is real folks. What am I to do? Please don’t tell me to wake up with a plan each day. I write down my plan for the following day before I go to bed. Let me tell you that after my first cup of coffee that plan I had, well let’s just say I will try again tomorrow.

Now I will try to finish watching season 2 of Border Town on Netflix.

Stay safe, folks!!!!


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This Too Shall Pass

This too shall pass is what I am trying to remember today. Today while I am sitting in my house and looking out the window I need to be reminded of this very thing. The coronavirus also is known as COVID-19, has shut the city that never sleeps down. Every day there is a new update about a new case or more closures due to virus. Life as we knew it no longer exists. Unfortunately, the new normal is making sure you are 6ft.from the person next to you. We are now washing our hands constantly. Not sure why we weren’t doing that already. I have hand sanitizer all over my house and in my car. I use the hand sanitizer every couple of minutes. I am now Spraying my coat with Lysol spray soon as I return home after being outside.  I have limited my time being outside for right know.  Am I overreacting? Maybe a bit but I truly feel that I must do what is best for me and my family. This is all new to me right now. In all of my 53 years on this earth, I have never experienced anything like what we are experiencing now.  Spending my days watching Netflix and reading the different posts on Facebook and Instagram is what I’m doing to pass the time. I am thinking I should be working on my goals for 2020. Honestly, nothing really holds my attention that long. (nothing except for a Netflix series) Looking around my house I am noticing a few that I could be doing. I should wash down the walls, fold and put away the clean clothes that are in the laundry basket.  Better yet I should finally put all those clothes I want to donate in plastic bags so they will be ready for donation day. All of that will keep me busy for two days at least. Lol!!!! I’m doomed, they say this may go on until June or July. Well, I have faith that we will get past this. Seriously wash hands for 20seconds as often as need be. Also when soap and water are not available please use hand sanitizer.

Stay safe folks!!!

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Life is Short

This past Sunday our hearts broke with the sudden and tragic death of Kobe Bryant. Like everyone else who first heard the news, I thought that it was fake news. I was thinking the TMZ website was hacked because that is the only way this would make sense. Then one by one different news sources started breaking the story. The story, Kobe Bryant 41-year-old retired NBA Basketball player was killed in a helicopter crash. I sat in front of the television not able to move watching CNN, ESPN2, and NBATV. The details were being reported as they was getting them. The helicopter went down and everyone on board passed away. Kobe Bryant was among the deceased. all the sentiments were the same shock, unbelievable was expressed by all. Sports anchors were visibly shaken as they tried to talk about their friend, teammate and the legend Kobe Bryant. As they played highlights from his twenty-year career with Los Angels Lakers I sat with my mouth gaped open in total disbelief. My heart was broken for the life cut short. Then more details started coming in and we find out Kobe Bryant’s thirteen-year-old daughter and seven other people lost their lives that morning. This was a different kind of heartbreak. It was as if the whole world was crying.

No, I did not know any of the deceased but that day I felt like I had lost a good friend. I shared these feelings with everyone that was glued to their television set for hours on Sunday. This made you remember how short life really is. You were reminded that tomorrow is not promised to you. You hugged your kids a little tighter that night. You may have also called a love who you had a disagreement with because you did not want another minute to go by without making things right. You started telling people that you loved them because you realized you may not get that opportunity tomorrow.

Life is short and we must not take any moment for granted. We must live each day as if it is our last because it just maybe. Life is just a fleeting moment in time.

May all who lost their lives on Sunday Rest In Peace. Sending condolences to their families.



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Who Is In Your Circle?

Hey beautiful people, hope you all are doing well. As for me, I am doing great. I woke up this morning earlier than I wanted to but hey I’m up. For some reason this morning my mind immediately went to my circle of friends. My sisters as I lovingly refer to them. What I realize when I think of them is that I am rich. Not rich in the form of whats in my bank account but rich in the people that are in my life. I am surrounded by those who support me in all my crazy ideas. They hold me accountable for things that I say I’m going to do or not do. When I am wrong they let me know in private and when I am right they shout it from the rooftops. When I have trouble they grease up first and then ask “what happen?” They are my call up in the middle of the night to hear me vent sisters. They are we haven’t spoken in months but catch with one 2 hour phone call sisters. They are my “I got you” when you are lonely & lost over the death of your loved one sisters.

I can go on and on about my circle but I will stop here. I will leave you with this, Look around you and think about those you surround yourself with. You may just find out you may need to leave some folks or even open your arms and welcome some folks in.

Who is in your circle?


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Happy New Year!!!

Well, we made it through 2019 and a new decade is here.  2020 we are here and ready for it.  8 days into the new year and some of us have already given up on our New Year resolutions. No worries, You can start it today. It really doesn’t matter when you start just as long as you start. Don’t beat yourself up and get down because you ate that piece of cake after you swore to give up sweets for the new year. Or maybe you said this is the year I am going to write that book but you haven’t written a word. Don’t worry tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrow, yes I will do it tomorrow. That is a phrase that we have been using a little too frequently. I am so guilty of doing this myself. This year I have decided that I will not put to much pressure on myself.  Instead of saying I am going on a diet and eat no sweets. Instead, I will stop eating one thing in my diet that is not good for me. I will also drink more water. Now, as far as that book I have been writing for the last couple of years I will write something every day. Whether I write 10, 20, 50, 100 or 1,000 words. The object is that I write something.

2020 is our year, we are gonna make some changes and get it done.  Small changes lead to big results.  This is only possible if we just start. We only need to take the first step.

Wishing you the best this New Year. I believe in you and have faith that we can do this, Let’s GO!!!


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2020 Vision for 2020

I went to church this morning and the message was 2020Vision for 2020. That got me to thinking it was like an aha moment. Even though we are on the 12th day of the new year some of us may not have a clear vision of our goals that we have set for 2020. We must have a plan. Did you write your goals down? Have you laid out the steps that must be taken to achieve those goals? You still have time to get it done.

This year I decided that I would do what it takes to accomplish the goals that I have set for myself. Here are a few steps that I am following:

  1. Write down my goals- number them
  2.  Write down what steps must be taken to achieve the goal
  3.  Have an accountability partner(a person that would hold you accountable)
  4. Do something daily that works toward your goal
  5.  Have a clear vision of your goals

You must put in the work if you want to see results. You can say ” I want to lose 10bs” but you do not get off the sofa. you must make an effort to lose that 10lbs.  And this is true for all our goals.

We got this one step at a time.

Let’s go 2020!!!


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Sistah, Sister

Sistah, Sister, what does it mean to you? As I sit here thinking about my sister, sistah, girlfriends the circle of women that surround me. Do you surround yourself with women who uplift you? Women who give you strength when you fill like falling apart? Women who come out swinging before asking what happened.

I have a circle of friends and we call each other “sis” I know what it means when we say it. We are using it as a term of endearment. “Sis,” meaning you are my sister of the heart. “Sis,” I love you and got our back.  “Sis” meaning we share a bond that is deeper and stronger than a friendship.

I held the door for the women walking in behind be. she thanked me for holding the door for her. She said “Thank you, sis”  I took her “sis” to mean you and I share a bond of sisterhood. “Sis” when everyone else is tearing us apart we got each other. “Sis,” I see you. You are not invisible.

Do you use “sis” when you are speaking with your girlfriends?  Do you all share the common bond of sisterhood?

Sistah, sister how you doing sistah?



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Good morning sweeties,

Woke up this Monday morning with gratitude on my mind. A  few weeks ago I attended an event where one of the speakers talk about opening yourself up to being grateful. He talked about saying “Thank You” more. How saying it and being thankful can lead to receiving more blessings.

So, when I woke up this morning two incidents  were on my mind. The first one was, after morning service one the members stop me and my niece.(11 yrs. old) She spoke to my niece asking her about Sunday School and what did she learn today etc. She then started telling my niece how beautiful she was. She told her petty her eyes were. I was standing there smiling and saying “Thank You”  Now she wasn’t talking to me, so why did I feel the need to say thank you. Also you heard me say this was my niece, not my daughter. So why was I thankful?  I was thankful because she did not have to stop us and say anything. I was thankful because she was pouring compliments into my young niece when the world we live in can be so cruel to young girls. That women showed us that being true and nice don’t cost you nothing. And for that I was very thankful.

Second incident was at church again but now a special afternoon service that they were.  Near the end of the program the asked for a donation to help them continue to help the needy in the community. The young people were going around collecting the envelopes that you would put your donation in.  this is what I noticed. One young collecting had her son with her holding the bucket. Each time someone put something in she told him to say “Thank You” and she was smiling with him. Everyone that received a thank you from him, smiled and laughed right along with him and mother. When I was finished with my envelope the young man that came to me shoved the bucket in my direction. I dropped in my envelope and said “Thank You” I was thanking him coming to me and getting my donation. He in turned never looked at me nor did he say anything. His face held a stiff I really don’t want to be here expression. What made it worse was that sitting across from me  where about three older women and when they placed their donations in his bucket they noticed the same thing.

Now, did I need him to confirm that by giving a donation I was doing something good. No!! But what would have been nice was if he had showed some appreciation on behalf of the program for my giving a donation.

In this season of Thanksgiving let us try to be more grateful. Let us say “Thank You” a little more. Is it really that hard to say? Not at all

Thank You!!!!!


Ciao, until next time sweeties




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Welcome Back!!!

Hello sweeties, it has been a long time since I shared my thoughts. But, I am back. There is so much I missed talking about. I am not going to go backwards, so we are going to kick this off as if we been here all along.

I attended the Second Annual Well- Read Black Girl Festival this weekend in Brooklyn, NY. I am going to start off by saying it was a packed house. The room was full of black girls. The room had black girl magic all over the place. Looking around the room I was in awe. I was excited to be in the building. I heard some real finger snapping poetry.  The Keynote speaker Patricia Smith was simple awesome. She now has a new fan.  Also with the purchase of a premium ticket you received the newly released Well Read Black Girl Anthology. Which I can not wait to read.

We were treated to an awesome panel discussion with six of the contributing authors of the Anthology.

Unfortunately I had to leave after the panel discussion. Why? you ask

The event was suppose to start at 11am. At 11am we were still standing on line outside in the cold. When we were finally allowed inside we were asked to show ID before showing tickets. (I am not sure why)   The seating was tight, tight, tight. You remember I said packed house right? besides tight they were very uncomfortable. I mean they truly maximized every inch of the place. So me with my messed up knees was in so much pain from the chairs I couldn’t take it anymore and had to leave. I was a little bummed about that because they had an interesting line up on the itinerary. I do have a list of authors and poets that I will be getting to know better.

So, over all I would probably attend the Third Annual Well-Read Black Girl Festival and you should too!!!!

Now this!!!

Sugar & Spice Book Club is having a literary event 2019. for tickets and more info.

Join us in MD October 4-5 2019 for B.A.R.R. (Black Authors Readers Rock ) weekend

Take away for this post.

Get to know Well-Read Black Girl.

Mark your calendar’s for March 9, 2019 “Literary Madness” get tickets now

Join us at B.A.R.R


Ciao sweeties, until next time




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