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  • Yay to the Weekend

    Whew Chile, it’s the weekend. Do you remember when were kids and we lived for the weekend. Going to school on Monday just to say I can’t wait for Friday. The weekends bought us so much joy. It started off by dinner from White Castle on Friday night. You would be full of excitement knowing […]

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  • What’s Going On?

    Are you feeling what I am feeling? I am so confused right now. Let me explain. I live in New York, that’s right the big apple. And, right now it feels like our, no my city is under seize. In the past weeks, there have been way too many shootings. Shootings that have caused injury […]

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  • Rock Your Pearls

    January 20, 2021 is a day that will go down in history. We are about to watch the first women, first African American Women be sworn in as The Vice President of United States of America. Let us take a moment to understand what that means. Yes, yes, and yes I am here for all […]

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