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  • Are you a Procrastinator?

    What does it mean to procrastinate? According to the definition, the word procrastinate means to delay or postpone action. What does it mean to be a procrastinator? Wait a minute, we have now changed the word so that it becomes personal. A procrastinator is a person WHO habitually puts off doing things. I myself most…

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  • Hey, How are You Doing?

    Have you ever stopped and thought about exactly what that question means? Are you one of those people who ask the question just to be nice? shamefully I must admit I am guilty of not thinking about what the question implies and asking just because it seems the polite thing to do. Asking someone how…

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  • Yay to the Weekend

    Whew Chile, it’s the weekend. Do you remember when were kids and we lived for the weekend. Going to school on Monday just to say I can’t wait for Friday. The weekends bought us so much joy. It started off by dinner from White Castle on Friday night. You would be full of excitement knowing…

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