Giving Thanks!!!!!!

The season of thanksgiving is among us. This the season we take a look over things and see what we are most thankful of.  When we make up our list of things of course what makes the top of the list is our life, family, friends, and good health.

As An avid reader my list will also include my books all my books. The authors who take the time to write the awesome books that are cluttering up every corner in my house.

Being a book club member my list will also include by fellow book club members. Which I also cover in my family because they are truly my extended family.  But I am including book clubs that I have met over the last few years.

Thankful to all the book clubs who take the time to put a literary event together. Having done literary events I am well aware of  the hard work that goes into  the event process. These events are orchestrated to bring authors and readers together.  Through some of these events I have met authors whom I may not have met otherwise.  I have read books that I may not never have come across because they are not by my favorite author. Or I never heard of this author so I will not read their book.

Yes so I am very thankful for these literary events. I will name a few but you  can google literary events and you just may be surprised at what you find.

The Black Authors and Readers Rock Weekend

Spring Book Festival

Romance Slam Jam

National Book Club Conference

Book Expo America

The Cavalcade of Authors Chicago

Romance writers of America (RWA)

When you start searching events I am sure you will find something that will interest you.

What are you Thankful for?

These are my thoughts just thoughts that I chose to share. Agree or disagree just my thoughts.

Peace until next time.

Keep reading, sweeties!!!!!


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