Sistah, Sister

Sistah, Sister, what does it mean to you? As I sit here thinking about my sister, sistah, girlfriends the circle of women that surround me. Do you surround yourself with women who uplift you? Women who give you strength when you fill like falling apart? Women who come out swinging before asking what happened.

I have a circle of friends and we call each other “sis” I know what it means when we say it. We are using it as a term of endearment. “Sis,” meaning you are my sister of the heart. “Sis,” I love you and got our back.  “Sis” meaning we share a bond that is deeper and stronger than a friendship.

I held the door for the women walking in behind be. she thanked me for holding the door for her. She said “Thank you, sis”  I took her “sis” to mean you and I share a bond of sisterhood. “Sis” when everyone else is tearing us apart we got each other. “Sis,” I see you. You are not invisible.

Do you use “sis” when you are speaking with your girlfriends?  Do you all share the common bond of sisterhood?

Sistah, sister how you doing sistah?




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