Life is Short

This past Sunday our hearts broke with the sudden and tragic death of Kobe Bryant. Like everyone else who first heard the news, I thought that it was fake news. I was thinking the TMZ website was hacked because that is the only way this would make sense. Then one by one different news sources started breaking the story. The story, Kobe Bryant 41-year-old retired NBA Basketball player was killed in a helicopter crash. I sat in front of the television not able to move watching CNN, ESPN2, and NBATV. The details were being reported as they was getting them. The helicopter went down and everyone on board passed away. Kobe Bryant was among the deceased. all the sentiments were the same shock, unbelievable was expressed by all. Sports anchors were visibly shaken as they tried to talk about their friend, teammate and the legend Kobe Bryant. As they played highlights from his twenty-year career with Los Angels Lakers I sat with my mouth gaped open in total disbelief. My heart was broken for the life cut short. Then more details started coming in and we find out Kobe Bryant’s thirteen-year-old daughter and seven other people lost their lives that morning. This was a different kind of heartbreak. It was as if the whole world was crying.

No, I did not know any of the deceased but that day I felt like I had lost a good friend. I shared these feelings with everyone that was glued to their television set for hours on Sunday. This made you remember how short life really is. You were reminded that tomorrow is not promised to you. You hugged your kids a little tighter that night. You may have also called a love who you had a disagreement with because you did not want another minute to go by without making things right. You started telling people that you loved them because you realized you may not get that opportunity tomorrow.

Life is short and we must not take any moment for granted. We must live each day as if it is our last because it just maybe. Life is just a fleeting moment in time.

May all who lost their lives on Sunday Rest In Peace. Sending condolences to their families.



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