Hey, How are You Doing?

Have you ever stopped and thought about exactly what that question means? Are you one of those people who ask the question just to be nice? shamefully I must admit I am guilty of not thinking about what the question implies and asking just because it seems the polite thing to do.

Asking someone how they are doing has become an easy escape for some. Most of the time you know the person you are asking will not answer with truth but with the worldwide acceptable reply “I’m fine or I’m okay.” When I think about it, there have been times I have asked that question in haste. On my way to an appointment or just trying to continue on my way. Silently praying that they could see how much of a hurry I am in and be quick in their response. There have also been instances where I would hope someone would ask me how I was doing. And then I can only wish I would not see that hurried look on their faces.

I am quite aware that this does not happen all the time. I along with others genuinely at times want to know how you are doing. It is at those moments I want you to answer as honestly as you can. If you are not ok, if you are not fine, that is ok. If you need someone to listen to you as you explain how no one hears you, I want you to know, that I hear you.

I wonder what would happen if more people including myself would ask “How are you doing?” with an expectation that you will truly let me know. How awesome would it be if we took a moment to be present for someone else? Could we change the world? Probably not, but we could change the outcome of someone’s day.

Think about that!


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