Are you a Procrastinator?

What does it mean to procrastinate? According to the definition, the word procrastinate means to delay or postpone action. What does it mean to be a procrastinator? Wait a minute, we have now changed the word so that it becomes personal. A procrastinator is a person WHO habitually puts off doing things.

I myself most often fall under the category of a procrastinator. I start out with all intentions and purposes to accomplish my daily to-do list. I set a goal, write out a plan and then decide that whatever I was supposed to do can be done later. Just like that, it has been placed on the back burner and never to be completed that day.

How likely are you to choose to start a project and then remember that tomorrow is another day and it can get done tomorrow? I have wasted so much time and energy procrastinating. Unfortunately, I know I am not alone. Can I also mention the money that I threw away by purchasing goalkeeping journals, date book calendars, and journals that I plan to use to write everything down so I can be held accountable? They say to write the plan and watch it work

I am sure I am not alone in this plight. So what is there to do? Will there ever be hope for me? I am writing this as I am sitting at my desk which I sat down at 9 am with a plan to unclutter my desk and office area. To no avail, it is now 12:30 pm, my desk is still cluttered but I have written in my blog. So all hope is not lost.

As the sun begins to set and dark clouds fall on my cluttered desk, I push myself away and say I’ll do it later.

Tomorrow is another day my fellow procrastinators. We will not beat ourselves up instead we will push through and pray to get it done tomorrow.


One response to “Are you a Procrastinator?”

  1. Well you certainly describe me too a big time procrastinator!!! Had to laugh at all the journals and tools I have to help me in my quest to execute my plans. Well tomorrow is another day for sure. I know I will always be that person who procrastinates. However, going forward I can try to hold myself accountable and tackle each task a little bit at a time but at least try to tackle it!!!!
    Great blog sis love Yvonne

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