Giving Thanks!!!!!!

The season of thanksgiving is among us. This the season we take a look over things and see what we are most thankful of.  When we make up our list of things of course what makes the top of the list is our life, family, friends, and good health.

As An avid reader my list will also include my books all my books. The authors who take the time to write the awesome books that are cluttering up every corner in my house.

Being a book club member my list will also include by fellow book club members. Which I also cover in my family because they are truly my extended family.  But I am including book clubs that I have met over the last few years.

Thankful to all the book clubs who take the time to put a literary event together. Having done literary events I am well aware of  the hard work that goes into  the event process. These events are orchestrated to bring authors and readers together.  Through some of these events I have met authors whom I may not have met otherwise.  I have read books that I may not never have come across because they are not by my favorite author. Or I never heard of this author so I will not read their book.

Yes so I am very thankful for these literary events. I will name a few but you  can google literary events and you just may be surprised at what you find.

The Black Authors and Readers Rock Weekend

Spring Book Festival

Romance Slam Jam

National Book Club Conference

Book Expo America

The Cavalcade of Authors Chicago

Romance writers of America (RWA)

When you start searching events I am sure you will find something that will interest you.

What are you Thankful for?

These are my thoughts just thoughts that I chose to share. Agree or disagree just my thoughts.

Peace until next time.

Keep reading, sweeties!!!!!

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Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year all,

As we say goodbye to 2011 and welcome in 2012, what are saying goodbye and hello to? When I look back over the events have 2011 I must say I have been disappointed by some and very impressed by or encouraged by others. I would like for us as readers to demand more from or authors. To Demand more is simply to demand that give us what we want. A well written book. A book that they take the time and energy to write and edit. Not a that they wake up in the morning and say ” I feel like writing a book today” and a month later they have a book and is pushing for us to buy and read.

I am so tired of picking up a book and then when I start reading I am bombarded with errors. I have even read a few were the story line did not flow in order. I do sympathized when I hear an author say that they decide to self publish because the main stream publishers are robbing them.

In 2004 when Sugar & Spice started self published authors were on the rise. As well as  Urban Lit or Street Lit. authors were hitting the bookshelves on a rise.  At this time we were  so happy to see so many people reading, especially our young people that we ignored the errors and just kept on reading. Now eight years later I say enough is enough give me a well written book or give me death. Alright, well not that dramatic but seriously all I desire is a well written book. I must add that I would prefer it not be about drugs, drug dealers  and f###ing everyone that you come in contact with. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything  against sex but when you just throw it in the middle of a story and it makes no sense, shame on you.

Now when I look at authors who have been around for a long time like Walter Mosley, Alice Walker, Donna Hill, Rochelle Alers, Bernice McFadden, Beverly Jenkins. And I take a look at some of our authors that we have come to know in the last eight years like Renee Daniel Flagler,Moses Miller, Trice Hickman, J.M. Benjamin and others. I wonder do they have that staying power? I would say yes they do.

As an avid reader I will demand that more authors take pride in what they are putting out there for our pleasure.

These are my thoughts just thoughts that I chose to share. Agree or disagree just my thoughts.

Peace until next time.

Keep reading, sweeties!!!!!


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What are you reading and why?

What are you reading and why? Street Lit or should I say Urban Lit has been on the rise. I would like to know what is it about Street Lit. that has grab your interest. Do you think this is just a faze. As for myself I enjoy a good Urban fiction but it seems as if if you read one then you have read them all. What are your thoughts on this topic if any

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What’s happening to our small bookstores?

I just came from a wonderful literary event in Kansas City, and the sad state of our African American book stores. We no longer have a place to go where we can go and all the latest info in the african american literary world. Is there anything we can do about this?

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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