Good morning sweeties,

Woke up this Monday morning with gratitude on my mind. A  few weeks ago I attended an event where one of the speakers talk about opening yourself up to being grateful. He talked about saying “Thank You” more. How saying it and being thankful can lead to receiving more blessings.

So, when I woke up this morning two incidents  were on my mind. The first one was, after morning service one the members stop me and my niece.(11 yrs. old) She spoke to my niece asking her about Sunday School and what did she learn today etc. She then started telling my niece how beautiful she was. She told her petty her eyes were. I was standing there smiling and saying “Thank You”  Now she wasn’t talking to me, so why did I feel the need to say thank you. Also you heard me say this was my niece, not my daughter. So why was I thankful?  I was thankful because she did not have to stop us and say anything. I was thankful because she was pouring compliments into my young niece when the world we live in can be so cruel to young girls. That women showed us that being true and nice don’t cost you nothing. And for that I was very thankful.

Second incident was at church again but now a special afternoon service that they were.  Near the end of the program the asked for a donation to help them continue to help the needy in the community. The young people were going around collecting the envelopes that you would put your donation in.  this is what I noticed. One young collecting had her son with her holding the bucket. Each time someone put something in she told him to say “Thank You” and she was smiling with him. Everyone that received a thank you from him, smiled and laughed right along with him and mother. When I was finished with my envelope the young man that came to me shoved the bucket in my direction. I dropped in my envelope and said “Thank You” I was thanking him coming to me and getting my donation. He in turned never looked at me nor did he say anything. His face held a stiff I really don’t want to be here expression. What made it worse was that sitting across from me  where about three older women and when they placed their donations in his bucket they noticed the same thing.

Now, did I need him to confirm that by giving a donation I was doing something good. No!! But what would have been nice was if he had showed some appreciation on behalf of the program for my giving a donation.

In this season of Thanksgiving let us try to be more grateful. Let us say “Thank You” a little more. Is it really that hard to say? Not at all

Thank You!!!!!


Ciao, until next time sweeties




One response to “Gratitude”

  1. Alicia Oh how we sometimes forget. Thank you for thanking others as I thank you for your inspirational worlds.
    Keep writing and much blessings!

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