Yay to the Weekend

Whew Chile, it’s the weekend. Do you remember when were kids and we lived for the weekend. Going to school on Monday just to say I can’t wait for Friday. The weekends bought us so much joy. It started off by dinner from White Castle on Friday night. You would be full of excitement knowing that you will be allowed to stay up late, just to fall asleep at ten o’clock at night.

Saturday mornings you will jump out of bed and rush to the kitchen for the bowl of Cap’n Crunch cereal. The thrill of spending the day running up and down the block with your friends. There is no better feeling then having no cares in the world. Where the biggest decision you need to make is whether or not you are going ride your bike to McDonalds or walk. Saturday nights highlight was forcing yourself to stay up just in time to hear “Live from New York, It’s Saturday night.”

Sunday mornings church all day and then a big Sunday dinner at Big mamas house. In the bed early because there is school tomorrow.

But now, Friday nights are about rushing to get to happy hour for 2 for 1 special. Drinking way too much just have the uber car drop you off in time to kiss the foreheads of your kids while they sleep.

Saturday mornings you crawl out of bed and rush to get the kids to basketball practice or piano lesson. Remembering at the last minute that this is their father’s weekend, so you throw some things in a bag for them. All while your mother is shaking her head and not making any attempt to hide her disappointment.

You need to run some errands before the bank and cleaners close. Your mother reminds you that there is no milk, eggs, or bread so off to the supermarket you go.

Saturday night the house is quite and you are exhausted. You put the Television on the Netflix channel to try and catch up on the latest series everyone is talking about at work. You only see the opening credits.

Sunday morning you pull the covers over your head as you relish in the moment. This moment when you don’t have to do anything for anybody. No one needs your attention, no one is telling you with their eyes that they once had high hopes for you. You had so much potential at one time.

As you stay in the comfort of your bed you think about how simple your life was as a kid. What you would give to have those days back? Before you contemplate an answer your phone signals with your sons ringtone and his laughing face across the screen. You smile.

Here’s to the weekend.


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